From 1995 on , Ingmar participated and succeeded in over 80 IPO and Schutzhundtrials ,
on different levels and with more than 60 different
boxers: both his own and boxers that were trusted to him for training.
Besides these trials , he participated in BH, AD , German ZTP and Selection (Belgian and Italian).

His method of training focuses on the individual temperament and qualities of every single boxer and is largely based on the positive reinforcement techniques as established in the Pryor-Clicker method.

Ingmar : " I want to thank and to express my gratitude to the owners of the boxers who were trusted to me for training . I learned a lot from them. And of course , training a beautiful boxer is all the more gratifying. Without the trust of these people I would not have been able to do what I love definitly most : educating boxers on a regular basis.
Thank y


In the wintermonths l no longer will accept dogs for training (weatherconditions),
please contact me as early as possible.
Sorry guys, please understand that, for me too, there are only 365 days in a year (and now even less)
Thanks for understanding!

One other issue, so as to avoid any misunderstandings:
from now on, I expect at least the owner or the breeder or a person of his choice
to be present during the IPO1 trial of his dog.

Boxers trained and handled during competition by Ingmar
Three generations of IPO III competition boxers:   QUAPO VSH  (°92) ,   SULTAN VSH (°94)  and  URSU (°96)
Boxer Owner Test
Most important result until now
NIGHT van Sapho's Hoeve H.Cambier - Fr IPO 1
Champion International
QUAPO van Sapho's Hoeve Eddy &Micheline Steyaert IPO 3
ELISA Oregon Mariette Poppe IPO 1
TOON van Sapho's Hoeve Toon Bongers - Nl IPO 1
VDH Champion
RAISSA Sancuray VanderMee -Nl IPO 1
Champion International
SHARLLI de la Verdiére J. Graux- Maréchal IPO 1
Champion International
UFO van Sapho's Hoeve Toon Bongers - Nl IPO 1
VDH Champion
SOLO van Sapho's Hoeve Vicky Van Isacker - B BH
VDH Champion
CHAPO de loermo José Eduardo Ramos- P. IPO 1, ZTP, AD

CH +Jahressieger BCE Spain

SEIKO van Sapho's Hoeve Mary & John Hambleton & Ingmar Sioen IPO 1, ZTP,AD,Sel.KBBC
VDH Champion
FRANKLIN-DJANGO van de Matenhof Guus & Eef Krop (Nl ) & Ingmar Sioen IPO 1 & ZTP

CH + AtiboxSieger 2000

XARINA van de Hazenberg José Eduardo Ramos -P. IPO 1
CH + Europasiegerin
NICK del Nettuno José Eduardo Ramos - P IPO 1 Sel.BCI

CH + Campione dell'Anno BCI Italy

QUENJA degli Scrovegni José Eduardo Ramos -P. IPO 1
Ch. Portugal
TINTO del Nettuno All. Del Nettuno - I. IPO 1
CH + Campione dell'Anno BCI Italy
PAPARAZZI von Fortunato Evelien Bunk Niels Delamarre IPO 1
Luxembourg Champion
MAIKY du Mont de la Renardiére Leroy Robin - Fr IPO 1
Champion International
XARLETT van Sapho's Hoeve Régine Isenbaert IPO 1, BH
Belgian Champion o.v.
YOKO du Mont Palatin Enzo Franciamore IPO 1
Belgian Champion o.v.
XANTHI van Sapho's Hoeve Sioen-Poppe IPO 1, BH
ELVIS dei Colli Asolani Patrick Vittorino - P. IPO 1
PIERCE de la Tour Couronnee Toon Bongers - Nl IPO 1, APE
CH + Atiboxsieger 2003
PERICO du Val d'Europe Noelle Desurmont & François Médioni - Fr IPO 1, ZTP


CASANOVA Optima Grata Jaromir Novotny - Cz IPO 1
Czech Champion.
YAWS van Sapho's Hoeve M.José Olmo - Esp IPO 1
PRIMA du Val d'Europe Goncalves Marie-Louise Fr IPO 1
Champion International
CAYETANO d'Jandilla Juan Manuel Julian - E IPO 1

CH + Europasieger 2003

ZEUS van Sapho's Hoeve Toon Bongers - Nl IPO 1
Clubkampioen KBBC Belgium
DANIELA d'Jandilla Placido Manzanero - E IPO 1
Atibox Champion + Worldchampion
YEKE van Sapho's Hoeve Jaromir Novotny - Cz IPO 1
Ch + Jahressieger Czechia
PITERO de las Arillas Jan Timmers - B IPO 1
RHEA des Ze de philoctéte Catherine Camus - Fr IPO 1, BH
Jahressiegerin BCF France
SHERPA du jardin de passiflores Eric Beurier - Fr IPO 1, BH
BRENO del Euro Toon Bongers - Nl IPO 1, BH
Luxembourg Champion
CHAMAN Della Talpa All. Villa Astur - E IPO 1, BH
Slovakian Champion
KOLETTE di Noi Vincere Sancuray VanderMee -Nl GHP 1, BH - (GHP=IPO)
Jahressiegerin Portugal, Austria,Germany 
NAVAR del Tajo Toon Bongers - Nl GHP 1  BH
Luxembourg Champion
ITALO di Soragna Toon Bongers - Nl GHP 1, BH

ITALO was the 40th Dog I had the opportunity to train up to BH and IPO 1 level.

From left to right: collegue-trainers Jacques Knockaert and Ann Hoorelbeke (German Shephards), figurant Frank Verbeke , Italo di Soragna (and myself), trial-leader Vicky van Isacker and the judge Rudy Cattrysse, member of the Kkush 1C comittee (IPO).

Picture taken after the succesfull trial of ITALO.

SOCRATE des Zé de Philoctète Viguet Béatrice - Fr GHP 1, BH
GAINSOL Tar EDER A.Moscoso - E GHP 1, BH
CH. Espana y Internacional
YUMYUM van Sapho's Hoeve  Sioen-Poppe - B GHP 1, BH
BONNY van Sapho's Hoeve Sioen-Poppe - B GHP 1, BH
THALIO des Zé de Philoctète Camus -Fr GHP 1, BH
Ch. Bulgary.
NIKOS della Rocci dei Papi D.Vernice - I GHP 1, BH
BRAHMS van Sapho's Hoeve Sioen-Poppe - B GHP 1, BH, AD, ZTP
Jahressieger BCF France+ BCS Suisse 2004
International Champion 2005
Atibox Worldchampion 2006
UTECK de la Villa Patience Schaffner - Fr GHP 1, BH
International Champion
FREUD de Alfeu A.J. Almeida - Port. GHP 1. BH  
IPO1 nr 50 :
49x Boxer , 1x German Shepard
DARIO Ajoli Toon Bongers -Nl GHP 1. BH  
BOXER IPO 1 nr. 50 :
LUCIPHER z Ringu Gerrits-Bongers -Nl GHP 1. BH

LUCIPHER was the 50th BOXER I had the opportunity to train up to BH and IPO 1 level.

Lucipher with owners (fam.Gerrits "Van de Heidezoom") & trainer

UTSAR des Jardins de Passiflores Pierre Chochois - Fr. GHP 1. BH. ZTP
MEGAN v.d.Burg Singidunum

Vesna & Zoran Curcic - Rs.

Jahressieger HR & SRB
Serbian Champion
AL PACINO del Paradiso Marino Fam. Delhaye - Fr. GHP 1. BH. ZTP
KOTO de Guezman David Conde - E. ZTP
Champion Spain
ELANA van Sapho's Hoeve Dl Finca Sapho - E. BH, GHP 1
Championne de Luxembourg
LUKE vom Hause Neubrand (Rottw) Fam. Hotz-Chaine -Fr. BH, GHP 1  

FANNYGIRL van 't Duinezicht (Dob.)

Hulpiau Yvan - B BH, GHP 1
International Champion
HEIDI de Aires del Norte Moises Santos - E BH, GHP 1
International Champion
FELICIEN de la Finca Sapho José Luis López Baños -E BH, GHP 1
International Champion
ESTEBAN van Sapho's Hoeve Ingmar Sioen BH, GHP 1  
SIMON de CaniPalma Maria João Miranda - Port. BH, GHP 1
Champion Spain, Champion Portugal
DANKO de los Morritos Carlos Lopez Duarte - E
Champion Gribaltar
ARAGORN de Mayobox Raez Manuel Ruiz - E BH, GHP 1
Champion Spain
GOODTUY van 't Duinezicht (Dob.) Juan R. Vazquez - E BH, GHP 1  
GARFIELD de la Finca Sapho
José Luis López Baños -E BH, GHP 1
Champion de Luxembourg
GLADIATOR de la Finca Sapho Kotinis George, Gr. BH, GHP 1  

TINTO delgli Scrovegni

Santos Gonzalez Moises -E BH, GHP 1
Champion Russia, Moldavia y Georgia

DRY des Pres Nouveaux

Plomion Patricia -Fr BH, GHP 1  
PEARL do Jubileu Ingmar Sioen BH, GHP 1,2,3
IPO 1 nr 70
1x German Shepard, 1x Rottweiler, 2x Dobermann, 67x Boxer
DIOUK du Val D'Europe
Mme. Prunier -Fr BH, GHP 1  
de Azahar del Segura
De la Finca Sapho -E BH, GHP 1,2,3  
DUQUE de los Infazones Gonzalez Gonzalez, Luis-E BH, GHP 1
Jahressieger Portugal
BOXER IPO 1, nr 70
IRO del Gran Arucan
José Miguel
Villegas Pelaez - E
BH, GHP 1  
JORRICK de la Finca Sapho Ingmar Sioen BH, GHP 1,2,3
Champion Cyprus,Montenegro,Sanmarino,Israel,, International Champion, Dutch Champion
FAUSTO de Val de Cayone David Condé - E BH, GHP 1
Atibox Junior Worldchampion
PEARL do Jubileu Ingmar Sioen BH, GHP 3 !
CASARO de Forzandanza
Alexandra handling*
Eduardo Gonzalez -E BH, GHP1,ZTP
Jahressieger Belgium
de la Finca Sapho
de la Finca Sapho BH ,GHP1,ZTP
CH. Cyprus, San Marino, Georgia,Azerbeidjan,Taiwan
BON JOVI Porta Trsatica Hans Schildkamp -Nl BH, GHP1  
Almadinaks YARKIY STIL Nigel & Liz Rallings - Es BH,GHP1
Ch. Russia, Atiboxjugendsiegerin
VOLCANO del Rocho Eduardo Gonzalez -E BH,GHP1  
FRENZI v. Rhöner Blut
Alexandra handling*

Van Sapho's Hoeve BH, GHP1,2
Boxers trained under supervision of Ingmar:
Winona di Noi Vincere Toon Bongers, Nl GHP 1.
CH.Holl, Winster, Europassiegerin
Denzel fan Optica State Van der Veen, Nl GHP 1.
Dutch & Int Champion
Esau fan Optica State Van der Veen, Nl GHP 1. ZTP
VDH Champion
Eye's Fan Optica State Van der Veen, Nl GHP 1.  
Gucci Fan Opitca State Van der Veen, Nl BH, GHP 1  
Chelton de la Maré du Carreau Gallardo Manuel, Fr BH, GHP 1  
Presco van 't Hertenrode M. Reulen , Nl BH, GHP 1
Dutch Champion
Birdie de Bellemanie Edely Geoffery, Fr BH, GHP 1
Swiss Champion
Luke Vom Hause Neubrand  (Rottw) Chaine Amelie, Fr GHP II  
Luke Vom Hause Neubrand  (Rottw) GHP III  
Twinkle Star v. Eurozone Gav Alexandra, DK GHP 1
World Winner 2008