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studstation in UK
John & Mary Hambleton
Marbelton Kennels

Continental Puppies by various bloodlines
Studstation in Israel
Kitty Gillows
Beit Hollandia Me Hagallil
Marbelton Sally Tick Tock
Blossom VSH
Marbelton Star Chaser
Eldorado VSH
Bonny VSH
Ceyla VSH
Ulana du Pont à Balque
Bowie VSH
Brahms VSH
Eldorado VSH
Marbelton Miss Dior at Dibrid
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Maromad Hangin Tough
Altesse Villa Patience
Angelo Villa Patience
Maromad Mayhem
Armand Villa patience
Athos Villa Patience
Maromad Mayhem
Astrid Villa patience
Attila Villa Patience
Marbelton Sally Tick Tock Elroy VSH
Excalibur VSH
Abythorn Sparkles
Aronne de Lyons Andelle  (dam: Toscane de la Tour Couronnée)
Conducteur: Ph. Dieudegard - Brevet de Ring, France
UK Champion Marbelton Star Chaser
UK Champion Marbelton Star Chaser
Bred & Owned by John & Mary Hambleton
International Champion & Atibox Worldchampion 2006
Brahms van Sapho's Hoeve
Marbelton Miss Dior via Dibrid
Bred by John & Mary Hambleton
Owned by "Dibrid Boxers"
Ch. Aronne de Lyons Andelle
Championne de France Travail AFB 2009 Ring 1  
Bred by "de Lyons Andelle" (Fr)
Owned by Ph. Dieudegard
Guess van 't Duyverlohof ,
as puppy and as youngster
Bred and owned: Sandy & Isabel Duyck-Verlot (B)

Jamila the fifth Element >

NBC 2009

Jamila Fifth Element
Litter born in june 2008,
kennel "the fifth Element" (I.Polman,Nl)

Litter born 29.11.2008

Chenil "de Cantelaudette de Quitterie" (Madame Valeria David, Fr.)

dam: Thelma de Cantelaudette de Quitterie

Infanta dl Finca Sapho

Litter born 13.11.2009

Chicci van Sapho's Hoeve

Infanta dl Finca Sapho