Zippo Grandddaughter

We expect new litters in Summer & Autumn, check the Puppy page regularly
**** Available at Stud
Van Sapho's Hoeve (B)
Orinoco Flow de la Finca Sapho
AS0/PS0 - HD.A - Sp.0
Campéon del Año 2017
Ch. Fausto de Val de Cayone
ASO/PS0 - HD.B - Sp.0
12.11.17 Update Puppy > Litters > * Kim * Orange Orgasm * O'Mini *
12.10.17 Boxer > Females > added KIM kuningas v Kishko
01.10.17 Ch. Karnivale de la Finca Sapho is back home in Spain (Cervera del Maestre)
26.06.17 Update Boxer > Flashresults
Pepperwood VSH Jahresjugendsieger NBC & AFB France
Frenzi v Rhöner Blut: Jahressiegerin NBC
09.06.17 Boxer> Adoptie
Voor onze Henia zoeken we een nieuwe thuis
12.05.17 Karnivale de la Finca Sapho
Studstation at
MARBELTON Kennel (UK) - contact: Linda Kavanagh.
05.03.17 Update Flashresults : Pepperwood & One Bright Star van Sapho's Hoeve
18.02.17 Boxer Females, new: Mandy de Ederit del Norte
17.12.16 Boxer>Females, update
O'Mini van Sapho's Hoeve
16.12.17 New Page Males: Orinoco Flow de la Finca Sapho
22.11.16 Karnivale de la Finca Sapho is now officially
Champion International de Beauté 2016
Champion Internationale d'Exposition 2016
Boxer>Females, update
November Rain de la Finca Sapho
Orlaya van Sapho's Hoeve
Olana de la Finca Sapho
Orange Orgasm van Sapho's Hoeve
Ophelia van Sapho's Hoeve

10.01.16 Ch. Karnivale de la Finca Sapho at studstation
Kennel BrisArt Nordom, Kiev/Donetsk (Ukrain)
22.12.15 Seminar with Ingmar:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Info: Boxers West, Kevin Espino
22.12.15 Update Boxer Flashresults, Brussels 2015

Naked Eye De La Finca Sapho, RCAC
Naughty Fellow de la Finca Sapho, CAC/RCACIB
Ch.Linde de la Finca Sapho, CAC/CACIB + "Benelux Winner 15"
+ "Belgian Show Champion 2015" i.o.
22.11.15 New Pictures: Naughty Fellow, Kang-Xi, Evil Girl, Nevada Sky
New personal page Rus La Fler Mafia Rusa
10.10.15 Ch.Karnivale de la Finca Sapho,
at studstation in Spain: de la Finca Sapho
23.09.15 Update Boxers>Adoptie: Europa
30.08.15 Update Boxer Flashresults, Luxembourg 15:
Naughty Fellow de la Finca Sapho, CAC
Malafide de la Finca Sapho, CAC
Frenzi vom Rhöner Blut, CAC
Ch.Fausto de Val de Cayonne,CAC/CACIB + BOB
31.05.15 Update Boxer Flashresults
Ch. Lex de la Finca Sapho:
Ch. Suisse & Ch. Internationale 2015 & Ch. San Marino & Ch. Internationale Expo 2015
12.04.15 Update Boxer Females: Linde & Inola dlfs both" Luxemburg Champion 2015"
26.01.15 Update Flashresults Genk 15:
Naughty Fellow de la Finca Sapho, Best Young Male
Malafide de la Finca Sapho, Best Young Female, 3 BIG
Rus la Fler Furia Roja, CAC best female
Perpignan 15: Lex de la Finca Sapho, CACIB
12.12.14 As of 12.2014 Good Morning will stay with Dott. Valentina Giacomelli (Italy)
03.11.14 Update Flashresults:
de la Finca Sapho IPO III ,
Inola de la Finca Sapho "International Champion 2014 i.o."
Naughty Fellow de la Finca Sapho, Best puppy Bleiswijk Nl
27.09.14 Update Flashresults: Jorrick de la Finca Sapho, CAC/CACIB + BOB Maastricht (Nl).

With this result fulfilled the requirements to obtain the titles of
"Dutch Champion2014" and of "International Champion 2014"
21.09.14 Update Flashresults: Garfield de la Finca Sapho, Champion Gibraltar 2014
16.07.14 New Individuale pages: Naughty Fellow de la Finca Sapho &  Malafide van Sapho's Hoeve
16.05.14! New contact number VSH Ingmar: 0032 (0) 473 712 785 !!
15.05.14 Update Boxer>Links: Van Sapho's Hoeve - ADS Alternative Dog Sports
30.03.14 Update Flashresults: Karnivale dlFS CACL/CACIB+BOB+Ch.Lux 2014,....
23.02.14 Linde dlFS: Belgian Junior Champion
12.01.14 Karnivale de la Finca Sapho, result with 2 years: Spondylosis Grado 0 (BCE)
21.12.13 Update Boxer/Flashresults Wijchen '13: Jorrick & Henia both CAC/CACIB
19.12.13 Boxer>Females, 3 new pages: Miss & MySleepy dlFS & Frenzi v Rhöner Blut
10.10.13 Update pages Karnivale dlFs & Kassandra dlFS, both Champion!
12.09.13 Update Flashresults: Ch.Jorrick & Izaline dlFS, both Luxemburg Champion
05.09.13 Kirilenko dlFS ( Rus la Fler Eternal Flame x Galena dlFS) - Australian Champion!
Owner & Handlers: Boxberry kennel (Aus)
29.08.13 Update Album Puppies Karnivale dlFS (Boxer>Males>Karnivale>Offspring Album)
05.08.13 Update Album Puppies Ch. Jorrick dlFS (Boxer>Males>Jorrick>Offspring Album)
11.06.13 UpdateBoxer> Flashresults: NBC Clubmatch 13, Ch. Jorrick dlfs "Jaarwinnaar NBC 13"
09.06.13 Ingmar - attaqueman classification "A"
26.03.13 Official Health Results BCE Karnivale dlFS: AS0/PS0 - HD.A - SP.0
08.07.12 Last week our Esteban van Sapho’s hoeve suffered a cerebral bleeding. The prognosis was bad and left no hope on recovery. To leave him in his Dignity, we had to put him asleep. Ingmar was with him all the way.
We want to thank all the people who already knew for their supportive words.
Banner De la Finca Sapho & Van Sapho's Hoeve
a short and turbulent life
our first son, Ingmar's older brother
died at the age of 31
to remain in our hearts & minds forever.