George de la Finca Sapho
George de la Finca Sapho
Brindle male, °21.10.07
Heart Tested Clear '0' Belgium, Retested Heart Tested '0' Australia, Thyroid Tested - Normal Range, Hip Tested clear,
ARVC DNA tested Negative.
George unfortunately cannot be shown in Australia because of the earcropping ban
Owner: Krisscross Boxers, Australia
Esteban van Sapho's Hoeve Ch. Boreas di Casa Diocletiano Ch. Thomas degli Scrovegni
Nepal degli Scrovegni
Crazy van Sapho's Hoeve Uram van Sapho's Hoeve
Vaya's Box Zigyn
Dempsey van Sapho's Hoeve Ch. Brahms van Sapho's Hoeve Zippo del Trinitad
Yessika van Sapho's Hoeve
Deni de Onaru Ch. Benito del Colle dell 'Infinito
Gilda Villa Astur
Offspring: see Kriscross Boxers (Aus)