Ch. Desperado VSH
Panorama Males
Ch. Desperado VSH
CH. DESPERADO van Sapho's Hoeve
Brindle Male, ° 09-12-2004
BabyClass Atibox Zagreb 2005: 1th. , Junior Class Atibox Lisboa 2006: 4th,
RCACL Luxembourg 03/ 07, CACL Luxembourg 09/07, CACL Luxembourg 03/08
Champion Luxembourg 2008
Owner, trainer and Best Friend: Kurt Van Rijsel
Ch. Cayetano d'Jandilla Ch. Nick de Ruphete Ch. Teck del Colle dell'Infinito
Ch. Raysa de Ruphete
Ch. Candela de las Arillas Ch. David del Colle del'Infinito
Xovenkan Xerezade
Caramba van Sapho's Hoeve Ch. Maiky du Mont de la Reardière Igor de la Vallée du Thin
Jade du Mont de la Renardière
Varline de la Verdière Tenor de la Verdière
Shirley de la Verdière
We were sad to hear that DESPERADO softly past away on the 22th of Novembre 2012
in the presence of his Best Friend and owner, Kurt van Rysel.
We thank Kurt for having given this proud Champion the best Boxerlife possible
be it in the family, on the trainingfield or at the expogrounds.