When driving along the spanish mediterrean coastline
from Barcelona down to Valencia,
having past the Ebro delta near Tortosa, one enters the Communitad Valenciana near Vinaros, a small coastal town.
The neighbouring coastal towns Benicarlo and especially Peniscola are more renowed.
12 km inland from Benicarlo, where the first hills of Les Talaies d'Alcalà and the Sierra de Valivana meet, two small towns -Calig and Cervera del Maestre - are overlooking the Mediterrean sea, from the Montsia to the "Papa Luna" castel.
Cervera del Maestre
Peniscola Castell
The small valley, Finca Saphois situated in, runs along the border of both towns.

"Our" side of the valley belongs to Cervera del Maestre (about 700 habitants),
allthough we are only 800 meters away from Calig's Ermita.
Sierra Valivana
It is a quiet and secluded place
with on one side a 10 minute drive to the beaches of Vinaros, Benicarlo and Peniscola
and on the other a 20 minute drive the Embalsement d'Uldecona and another 20 to Morella and the impressive Sierra El Maestrat (1100 to 1345m).
Embalsement de Uldecona

We were forced into this situation, fought the Freedom of Choice battle for more than 8 years (see "About" button), lost a lot of money, got harrassed by all kind of agencies - often ,ironically, upon instignation of Boxerpeople.

But we looked for opportunities
and we made it happen.
Little by little.

La Picossa & Finca Sapho
Rambla de Cervera

Still a lot to be done.
As anyone who goes to live in another country knows very well.

But the Spanish people are finding their way to Finca Sapho and we are getting acquainted with most of the major Spanish Boxer Breeders.


The work with and around the Boxers remains the same.

Maybe we work even more here, and the rules are as strict as anywhere else.

The point is
that the spanish people are far more relaxed about it
and on the other hand far more passionate about the things that really matter.

Zippo nearly 11 years

The kennels are situated on the lower terraces of the hillside - each of them in the shadow of an algoroba.

And from the terrace around the house we can see them all.

The whelping room however is in our house. Close to us.

Vinaros & Montsia
Peniscola old town

Living here has its inconvienencies, certainly. Water, electricity, gas, phone, internet for example are no evidence.
Burocracy is is nerve-rackingwrecking. Unless of course you know someone in the right spot.
But Spain has really everything to offer.

Of course, there is the climate but there is so much more.
This once was an empire where people and cultures of the arabian countries, the south and mid americas, the roman catholics, the western european enlightment and even the anarchistic ideology came together - sometimes violently.
All that is still here. In the streets, in the architecture, in the language(s), in art, especially in literature and of course in the people itself.
The mix - which really isn't one, for you keep encountering different "Spains" - is fascinating.
Not only in the big cities as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia - but in nearly every village.

A summer holiday cannot make you experience this. You really have to live here for some time to experience the beauty and the richness of this country - and yes the inconveniences are also in the basket, so what?

Do we enjoy living here ? Well, maybe not every minute of it - but in general: oh yes!

And so do our Boxers.

Vinaros Puerto
Vinaros Plaza St. Augustin

By the way:

if you should consider moving to Spain, don't hesitate to contact us.
From experience, we can advice you on what to pay attention to - especially on things that are not mentionned in the ads and in the offices of some inmobiliaria agencies.
Maybe we can even point out a good deal.

We can offer two guestrooms each with own bathroom.
We serve breakfast and the large private swimmingpool is yours to enjoy.
The rooms are available for people looking for a interesting and relaxed holiday.